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Chiropractic Examiners, Texas Board of*

9 Members - 6 Years: 6 Licensed Chiropractors, 3 Public Members

General Information

Agency #: 508 333 Guadalupe, Suite 3-825Austin, TX 78701


Office Office Holder Hometown / Term Ends
Chair Nicholas Baucum, D.C. Corpus Christi, 02-01-2021
Vice President Kenya Scott Woodruff Dallas, 02-01-2017
Secretary/Treasurer Karen Campion, D.C. College Station, 02-01-2017
Board Member(s) Mark Bronson D.C. Fort Worth, 02-01-2021
John H. Riggs III, D.C. Midland, 02-01-2019
Cynthia Tays, D.C. Austin, 02-01-2019
Amy N. Vavra, D.C. Mansfield, 02-01-2017
Public Member(s) Gus Ramirez Tyler, 02-01-2021
John Steinberg Marion, 02-01-2019


Office Office Holder Phone / Fax
Executive Director Patricia Gilbert (512) 305-6716
Executive Assistant Vacant (512) 305-6906
Director of Licensing Jennifer Hertsenberg (512) 305-6702
Chief Financial Officer Vacant (512) 305-6709
Director of Compliance Scott Parker (512) 305-6708
General Counsel Bryan Snoddy (512) 305-6715
Programmer Analyst Nikell Williams (512) 305-7874


The board promotes, preserves and protects the health, safety and economic welfare of Texans through regulation of the practice of chiropractic.

* Subject to the Texas Sunset Act; will be reviewed in 2017.