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Aging and Disability Services, Department of (DADS)

9 Members - 6 Years

General Information

Agency #: 539

John H. Winters Human Svcs. Complex
701 W. 51st St., P.O. Box 149030
Austin, TX 78714-9030
(512) 438-3011
Fax: (512) 438-4220
Consumer Rights and Services: (800) 458-9858
State Long-Term Care Ombudsman: (800) 252-2412
Staff Listing
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OfficeOffice HolderHometown / Term Ends
Chair John A. Cuellar Dallas, 02-01-2017
Council Member(s) Barry L. Anderson Grand Prairie, 02-01-2019
Sharon Swift Butterworth El Paso, 02-01-2017
Glyn S. Crane Longview, 02-01-2015
Judy Foster San Antonio, 02-01-2017
Sheri Harmonson El Paso, 02-01-2015
Ann Schneider Austin, 02-01-2015
Donna Stauber Waco, 02-01-2019
Edward E. Yosowitz, M.D. Houston, 02-01-2017


OfficeOffice Holder(512) Phone / Fax
Commissioner Jon Weizenbaum 438-3030
Associate Commissioner Kristi Jordan 438-3030
Deputy Commissioner Chris Adams 438-3030
Internal Audit, Director Penny Rychetsky 438-5638
Chief Operating Officer Lynn Blackmore 438-3030
Chief Financial Officer David Cook 438-3355
Legal Services Director Lawence Hornsby 438-3154
Asst. Comm., Access and Intake Elisa Garza 438-5724
Asst. Comm., Regulatory Services Mary T. Henderson 438-2625
Asst. Comm., State Supported Living Centers Scott Schalchlin 438-3076
Center for Consumer and External Affairs, Director Allison Lowery 438-5897
Government Relations Manager Cynthia Nottingham 438-3045
Media Relations Manager Cecilia Cavuto 438-3775
Director, Int. Center for Policy and Innovation Donna Jessee 438-2116
Information Technology, Director Heather Hall 438-2267


SB 200 abolishes the Aging and Disability Council no later than September 1, 2017 with duties of the commission to be transferred to the Department of State Health Services.
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