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About Texas State Directory, Inc.

Since 1935 the Texas State Directory has been a trusted resource and has been referred to as the bible for anyone working in or wanting to learn about state, city and county government.


Julie Sayers took over as the president and publisher of the Texas State Directory 30 years ago. She and her staff pride themselves on providing an extremely high level of customer service. Customer loyalty speaks for itself with an annual reorder rate at 85%.

Over the years the look of the Directory has not changed much but the information has expanded to continuously reflect changes in Texas government and to make the user's experience easier. Originally listing the state officials and employees, the data has grown to represent in addition to state information, complete listings of elected officials in federal offices, county and city elected officials and boards and commissions that regulate state policy. The Texas State Directory is truly an "almanac" of Texas government, the most comprehensive guide to Texas decision-makers.

Texas State Directory goes online, not to replace the printed version, but to offer additional services to persons who prefer to access information electronically. The Online version is continuously updated so you'll be sure to get the latest information about all things legislative in Texas.



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