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Texas Legislative Guide - 11th Edition-September 2016

Looking for a brief synopsis of early legislatures of Texas from the first convened session on February 16, 1846 to the present 81st session? The Texas Legislative Guide provides historical facts on the first 14 sessions up to the Civil War and Reconstruction. Much of the text in the Guide was originally prepared by the Texas Legislative Council to assist new legislators in effectively meeting the challenges of involvement in the top sector of state government.
Topics addressed include:

  • Powers and Functions of the Legislature
  • Presiding Officers
  • Called Sessions
  • Daily Routine of the Senate and House
  • The Committee System
  • The Calendar System
  • The Legislative Process
    • Forms of Legislation
    • Preparing Reading and Modifying a Bill
    • Introduction of a Bill and
    • Committee Action
    • Floor Action
    • Enrollment
    • Basic Steps in the Legislative Process
  • The Legislator
    • Functions
    • Immunities
    • Restrictions and Assistance
  • Other Participants in the Legislative Process
    • Political Parties
    • Administrative Agencies
    • The Governor
    • Interest Groups
  • Plus other appendices:
    • Presidents and Governors of Texas
    • Lieutenant Governors of Texas Since 1846
    • Texas House Speakers Since 1836
    • Texas Facts
    • Legal, Legislative and Latin Terms
    • How to address State Officials

The Texas Legislative Guide is published approximately every two years.
Cost: $12.95 plus tax and shipping

Guide (PDF)