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Bar of Texas, State*

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General Information

Agency #: 202 Texas Law Center1414 Colorado, P.O. Box 12487Austin 78711


Office Office Holder Phone / Fax
Chairman of the Board Rehan Alimohammad
President Tom Vick
Immediate Past Chair of the Board Jose Escobedo, Jr.
Immediate Past President Frank Stevenson
President-elect Joe K. Longley

Elected Directors - 3 Year Terms

Office Office Holder Phone / Fax
District 6, Place 3 Jerry C. Alexander
District 3 Christy Amuny
District 1 Micah Belden
District 16 H. Alan Carmichael
District 15 Jeff Chandler
District 70 Alison W. Colvin
District 9, Place 1 Leslie W. Dippel
District 4, Place 1 Laura Gibson
District 9, Place 3 Ann Greenberg
District 6 Sarah Clower Keathley
District 4, Place 2 Neil D. Kelly
District 6, Place 4 David C. Kent
District 17 Aldo R. Lopez
District 11 Robert E. McKnight, Jr.
District 7, Place 1 Gary Nickelson
District 9, Place 2 Christopher Oddo
District 14 Amie S. Peace
District 7, Place 2 Curtis Pritchard
District 8 Lisa S. Richardson
District 10, Place 2 Fidel Rodriguez, Jr.
District 4, Place 5 Scott Rothenberg
District 6, Place 5 Gregory W. Sampson
District 13 Scott Sherwood
District 10, Place 1 Rebecca Simmons
District 4, Place 4 Dinesh H. Singhal
District 6, Place 2 Scott Stolley
District 5 Andrew Tolchin
District 4, Place 6 K. Nicole Voyles
District 6, Place 1 Bradley C. Weber
District 4, Place 3 Michael Wynne

Public Member Directors

Office Office Holder Phone / Fax
Public Member Michael Dokupil
Public Member Estrella Escobar
Public Member Jarrod T. Foerster
Public Member Ricky G. Gonzalez, R.Ph.
Public Member August W. Harris, III

Minority Member Directors

Office Office Holder Phone / Fax
Minority Director Sylvia Borunda Firth
Minority Member Rehan Alimohammad
Minority Member Angelica Hernandez
Minority Member Rudolph K. Metayer

TYLA Members of the Board

Office Office Holder Phone / Fax
TYLA President Baili Rhodes
TYLA President-elect Sally Pretorius
TYLA Immediate Past President Sam Houston

Ex-Officio Members

Office Office Holder Phone / Fax
Executive Director John Sirman (512) 427-1500 / (512) 427-4108
Legal Counsel John Sirman (512) 427-1711 / (512) 427-4211
Chief Disciplinary Counsel Linda Acevedo (512) 427-1330 / (512) 427-4167
Assistant Deputy Director Ray Cantu (512) 427-1506 / (512) 427-4108
Assistant Deputy Director KaLyn Laney (512) 427-1758 / (512) 427-4108


Office Office Holder Phone / Fax
Court of Criminal Appeals Liaison The Honorable Barbara P. Hervey
Supreme Court Liaison The Honorable Phil Johnson
Out-of-State Lawyer Liaison Timothy W. Mountz (202) 728-8210 / (202) 728-8894
Federal Judiciary Liaison The Honorable Amos L. Mazzant III
Judicial Section Liaison The Honorable Jennifer Rymell

Section Representatives to the Board Committee Members

Office Office Holder Phone / Fax
Medium-sized Sections Erich M. Birch
Large-sized Sections Wendy S. Burgower
Large-sized Sections Elizabeth Copeland
Large-sized Sections Philip Mack Furlow
Medium-sized Sections Shelby Jean
Small-sized Sections Audrey F. Moorehead

Staff Members

Office Office Holder Phone / Fax
Interim Executive Director John Sirman
Deputy Director Pat Nester (512) 427-6822
Minority Affairs Caren DesVignes
Officers & Directors Candiss Held
Membership Sandra Gavin
Texas Lawyers Care/Pro Bono Information Trish McAllister
External Affairs Officer KaLyn Laney
Texas Young Lawyers Association Tracy Brown
Texas Board of Legal Specialization Gary McNeil
Chief Disciplinary Counsel Linda Acevedo
State Bar College Merianne Gaston
Chief Financial Officer Cheryl Howell
Chief Information Officer Brad Powell
Purchasing & Facilities Paul Rogers
Lawyer Referral Lisa Zvonek
MCLE Nancy Smith
Texas Bar Foundation Andrea Stone

1-800 Numbers

Main Toll Free: (800) 204-2222
Advertising Review: (800) 566-4616
Attorney Occupation Tax: (800) 583-8070
Barratry Hotline: (800) 633-6630
Disaster Response Hotline: (800) 504-7030
Grievance Information: (800) 932-1900
Institutes and Seminars: (800) 852-7371
Lawyer Referral Services: (800) 252-9690
Lawyer's Ethics Hotline: (800) 532-3947
TX Bd. of Legal Specialization: (800) 204-2222
TX Equal Access to Justice: (800) 252-3401
TX Judges' Assist. Program: (800) 219-6474
TX Lawyers' Assist. Program: (800) 343-8527
Texas Lawyers Care: (888) 281-6511


46 members: including 3 SBOT officers, 30 elected directors, 6 public members, 4 minority directors, and 3 TYLA officers. The Executive Director, Chief Disciplinary Counsel, and SBOT Immediate Past Chair of the Board serve as ex-officio members. Also associated with the Board are 4 judicial liaisons and 1 out-of-state lawyer liaison.

* Subject to the Texas Sunset Act; will be reviewed in 2029.