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Judicial Conduct, State Commission on*

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13 Members - Term: 6 Years

General Information

Agency #: 242 300 West 15th St.P.O. Box 12265Austin 78711-2265


Office Office Holder Hometown / Term Ends
Chair The Honorable Douglas S. Lang Dallas, 11-19-2019
Vice Chair The Honorable Catherine N. Wylie Houston, 11-19-2021
Secretary The Honorable David C. Hall Sweetwater, 11-19-2021
Judicial Member(s) David Patronella Houston, 11-19-2021
The Honorable Ruben G. Reyes Lubbock, 11-19-2023
The Honorable Tramer J. Woytek Hallettsville, 11-19-2023
Public Member(s) Maricela Alvarado Harlingen, 11-19-2023
Sujeeth B. Draksharam Sugar Land, 11-19-2021
Darrick L. McGill Georgetown, 11-19-2021
David M. Russell Dripping Springs, 11-19-2019
Amy Suhl Sugar Land, 11-19-2023
Attorney Member(s) Demetrius Bivins Houston, 11-19-2019
Ronald E. Bunch Waxahachie, 11-19-2023


Office Office Holder Phone / Fax
Executive Director Eric Vinson (512) 463-5533 / (512) 463-0511
Deputy Director Royce LeMoine
Deputy General Counsel Jacqueline Habersham
Commission Counsels Lorin Hayes
Commission Counsel Joseph Unruh
Commission Counsel Kelly Gier
Senior Investigator Victor Hidalgo
Senior Investigator Ron Bennett
Senior Investigator Katherine Mitchell
Investigator Crystal Lopez
Investigator Michael Graham
Staff Services Officer Kathryn Crabtree
Administrative Assistant Connie Paredes
Administrative Assistant Cherie Thomas


The State Commission on Judicial Conduct, is an independent Texas state agency created by an amendment to the Texas Constitution in 1965, that is responsible for investigating allegations of judicial misconduct or judicial disability, and for disciplining judges.

* Subject to the Texas Sunset Act; will be reviewed in 2019.