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Disabilities, Governor's Committee on People with*

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12 Members - 2 Years and at the pleasure of the governor.

General Information

P.O. Box 12428Austin 78711-2428


Office Office Holder Hometown / Term Ends
Chair Aaron W. Bangor Ph.D Austin, 02-01-2018
Board Member(s) Ellen M. Bauman Joshua, 02-01-2019
Evelyn Cano Pharr, 02-01-2020
Andrew Cohen Round Rock, 02-01-2019
Elizabeth Dickey Austin, 02-01-2019
Archer Hadley Austin, 02-01-2019
Richard Martinez San Antonio, 02-01-2020
Linda Millstone Austin, 02-01-2019
Dylan Rafaty Plano, 02-01-2019
Emma F. Rudkin Boerne, 02-01-2020
Amy L. Scott Austin, 02-01-2020
Marco A. Treviño Edinburg, 02-01-2021


Office Office Holder Phone / Fax
Executive Director Ron Lucey (512) 463-5742 / (512) 463-5745


The Governor's Committee on People with Disabilities is within the office of the Governor. The committee's mission is to further opportunities for persons with disabilities to enjoy full and equal access to lives of independence, productivity, and self-determination. The committee is composed of 12 members appointed by the governor and of nonvoting ex officio members. The appointed members are appointed for staggered terms of two years. At least seven of the appointed members must be persons with disabilities. The Committee serves as a central source of information and education on the abilities, rights, problems, and needs of persons with disabilities. The staff of the Governor’s Committee supports and manages the work of the committee. The Committee’s enabling statute is in the Human Resources Code, Chapter 115.

* Subject to the Texas Sunset Act; will be reviewed in 2027.