Cities > Jasper

General Information

Counties: Jasper  
Population: 7,403
Primary Zip Code: 75951

  465 S. Main St.
  P.O. Box 610
  Jasper, TX 75951-0610
(409) 384-4651
(409) 384-3790
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Office Office Holder (409) Phone / Fax
Mayor Anderson Land
Mayor Pro Tem Rashad Lewis
Council Member Marcus Barber
Council Member DeMarcus J. Holmes
Council Member Ronnald Sample
Council Member David Schulz
City Secretary Karen Pumphrey
Purchasing Agent Kim Fowler
City Attorney Michael Ratcliff (409) 384-3451
Chief of Police Gerald Hall (409) 383-6176
Fire Chief Brandon Duckworth (409) 383-6103
Director of Public Works Greg Kelley (409) 384-4651