Cities > Paducah

General Information

Counties: Cottle  
Population: 1,118
Primary Zip Code: 79248

  804 10th St.
  P.O. Box 759
  Paducah, TX 79248-0759
(806) 492-3713
(806) 492-2066
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Office Office Holder (806) Phone / Fax
Mayor Rodger Brannen
Mayor Pro Tem Richard Gregory
Council Member Tomara Holloway
Council Member Thad Irons
Council Member Jim Slover
Council Member Joey Truelock
City Secretary Alyssa Baker
City Clerk Cindy Melton
City Attorney Michael Guevara (512) 904-0010 / (512) 807-7166
Chief of Police Roper Gunter
Fire Chief Gene Whitener