Chief W. Nim Kidd

Last modified on: 12-13-2019 12:23:37

Chief, Texas Division of Emergency Management
(Emergency Management Council, State)

General Information

Personal Information

Career highlights and education:
September 2019 - Led the Texas Division of Emergency Management's (TDEM) transition from the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) to a standalone state agency as a component of The Texas A&M University System.
December 2018 - Appointed Vice Chancellor for Disaster and Emergency Services for the Texas A&M University System.
November 2018 - Appointed Chair of the FEMA National Advisory Council.
July 2010 - Appointed Assistant Director for the Texas DPS and Chief of TDEM.
April 1993 - Appointed to the San Antonio Fire Department (SAFD). Promoted through the ranks from firefighter to District Fire Chief.

Contact and Phone Numbers

(512) 424-2436
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Other Offices Held

Vice Chancellor for Disaster and Emergency Services (The Texas A&M University System, Board of Regents)