Steven Albright

Last modified on: 09-27-2017 15:36:45

Senior Advisor for State Operations
(Governor's Office)

General Information

Personal Information

Albright previously served as the Governor's Budget Director. Prior to joining the Office of the Governor, he served eight years as Chief of Staff in the Texas Senate for Senator Robert Nichols, as well as Policy Director for the Texas Senate Committee on Transportation. Albright also served as a legislative director and Chief of Staff in the Texas House of Representatives. He has more than 16 years of experience in the legislative and executive branches of Texas government, including 22 regular and special legislative sessions focusing on natural resources, transportation and finance-related policy. Albright graduated from The University of Texas at Austin and received a Masterís in Public Administration from Texas State University.

Contact and Phone Numbers

(512) 463-1762
(512) 463-5571