The Honorable Meagan Hassan (D)

Last modified on: 09-21-2021 12:15:22

(Fourteenth Appellate District)

Entered Office: 01-01-2019 Term Ends: 12-31-2024 District: 6

General Information

Personal Information

Meagan Hassan earned an M.A. from Georgetown University in 2004 and a J.D. from the James E. Beasley School of Law at Temple University in 2007. Hassanís career experience includes working as a partner with Demond & Hassan, PLLC and as an international tax compliance attorney with Kittredge, Donley, Elson, Fullem, & Embick, LLLP.

Office Information

Place 6

Contact and Phone Numbers

(713) 274-2800
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