The Honorable Ysmael D. Fonseca, Jr. (R)

Last modified on: 01-30-2020 14:44:55

State District Judge

Term Ends: 12-31-2020 District: 464

General Information

Home Town: McAllen

Personal Information

Ysmael D. Fonseca, Jr. of McAllen is a junior partner at Guerra, Leeds, Sabo & Hernandez, PLLC. He is a member of the State Bar of Texas, Hidalgo County Bar Association, Claims and Litigation Management Alliance, and The Federalist Society. Additionally, he is a high school professional mentor for the Shary Foundation. Fonseca received a Bachelor of Arts in political science from the University of Notre Dame and a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Notre Dame Law School. Additionally, he is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in political science from The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.

Contact and Phone Numbers

P.O. Box 510
Linden, TX 75563
(903) 756-7515
(903) 756-7949

General Contact for Cass
  P. O. Box 825 (County Judge)
  Linden, TX 75563
(903) 756-5181
(903) 756-5732
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Other Offices Held

State District Judge (Hidalgo)